March 2023

Opinion: Carrier Air Wing / U.S. Navy

Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite side-scrolling shooters. In the United States, it was called Carrier Air Wing and in Japan, it was known as U.S. Navy. Virtually the same game just different names.

Released in 1990, the American version was ported to the SNES and was as faithful of an arcade-to-home port as one could get on the system at the time. The game really portrays the United States as a global hero with no one else could do the job. Almost like a Michael Bay film portraying the U.S. Armed Forces in the greatest light possible. Which he should! Being a former Army Medic I understand the importance of what Bay tries to do to rally national morale and wonder at our service men and women. It’s really just recruiting, kind of what U.S. Navy /Carrier Air Wing did on the video game front.

I’ve made a couple of animated files of the openings for each of the games. Notice anything different besides the name? I didn’t. I know it wasn’t really a review but more of an opinion piece. Hope you enjoy the mini animated gifs I made.

Carrier Air Wing (American)
U.S. Navy

I also found a video on youtube of a playthrough of the arcade game if you like it give the author a thumbs up!:

Grammer and Punctuation help from Grammerly.

Loot Crate: Witch King of Angmar!

Got this beauty in from Sideshow Collectibles! The detail and fear it inspires are real! It’s a little over a foot tall and the sword is actually metal! Why they didn’t do the same with the mace is odd but perhaps they wanted the chain to sit as it does. Over all I’m super happy with this as the Nazg├╗l are my favorite species / race? In Lord of the Rings.

Witch King!

Watch out for Rootpal…

Let me take the time to put out a warning DO NOT USE the company rootpal. They will go offline for months at a time and not offer support, phone or chat goes offline and you are left with a site that is held hostage!!! I managed to get my site back and moved to my new host after MONTHS of downtime. I’m not even going to put a link to them. I picked up a lifetime wordpress hosting package though a very well known e-commerce site as a deal and had nothing but headaches after about what 6 months. AGAIN AVOID ROOTPAL!!!!