.:Loot Crate:.

Loot Crate: Witch King of Angmar!

Got this beauty in from Sideshow Collectibles! The detail and fear it inspires are real! It’s a little over a foot tall and the sword is actually metal! Why they didn’t do the same with the mace is odd but perhaps they wanted the chain to sit as it does. Over all I’m super happy with this as the Nazg├╗l are my favorite species / race? In Lord of the Rings.

Witch King!

Loot Crate: Massive Dump!

Mad Loot Buyout

Big shout out to my friend OOZY! He got his parents house and they saved everything from his childhood. I brokered a deal with him for this awesome collection! As you can see items are in great shape!  Thanks again OOZY!