October 2021

Happy Halloween!

Today being Halloween I have assembled a great gallery of various things I’ve found around the Web. Fun times from the 70-mid 90’s await you! Enjoy the gallery and the animated gif files!


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The mid-late 80’s Robot Craze

So here I sat browsing my tumbler feed and came across this picture of a robot called Newton. It looked like a trashy R2-D2 and I have no idea what it does. So I tried to find more information on it. While what I found wasn’t very helpful. I became more and more curious about this craze. Having discovered there were dozens of home robots but none had the charm and visual appeal of newton the rest looked like something Mr. Peltzer from Gremlins would have invented. Remembering when I was a kid “Punchy the Robot” was a big thing at a mall my dad managed. He made arrangements with the school to have it come to the school and I was the lucky kid that got to ride into the assembly on it! There’s a pic below of my friend Punchy!

Punchy the Robot!

Garage Sale Loot

Original I Love Pac-Man Mug

Found this at a garage sale years ago for $.50! Talk about a find! It’s not very large but it’s a good shelf piece for the game room.


Alley Viper (1991)

Found this pic on tumbler with no photographer credits. This aside from the SAW Viper was my fav. Urban strike force Alley Viper. So much fun!


So I belong to this outstanding discord for a mobile game where I write about retro things. I have a friend on there that found these awesome things in his parents home! Back when playsets were playsets! Back when kids had imagination and would actually play with action figures. What a rare find of G.I. Joe things. Thanks to user Oozy for the pictures!