G.O.R.F. (Galactic Orbiting Robot Force)

Let’s take a trip down my memory lane to about 1983/84. I was at an arcade with my favorite aunt when I heard in an electronic voice “Tatatatatata”. The game was taunting me! Oh, how it mocked me with its electronic voice which at the time was unheard of when it was released anyway in 1981.

The cabinet I remember looked similar to a Tron cabinet using the same controller method except for the neon glowing handle anyway. It had everything a person wanted in a shooter! EVERYTHING! We had Space Invaders, Galaxian, a high-speed warp zone shooter level, and the MOTHER SHIP! KA BOOOOMMMMMM! It would EXPLODE if you managed to land that one critical shot.

TOKEN TOKEN TOKEN I was hooked the sounds were outstanding as I blasted away at enemy ships thinking I was piloting my newfound ship against aliens from another world. My aunt saw my love of the game and it would be that year I would find a copy for my Colecovision for my birthday.

With Colecovision’s ability to bring home the arcade. THIS ONE WAS better in my opinion graphically but lacked the taunting voice chip ability. It is still one of my most played games on the system bringing back memories of sitting in my parent’s room playing on the ‘ol t.v. until my wrists hurt. Pushing my rank higher and higher as I’d complete round after round of gameplay.

The game was also ported to the 2600, 5200, and several computers at the time. But none touched the CV in my opinion. I wish I had more hands-on experience with the arcade game in my adult life but finding one is very difficult let alone finding a classic arcade. So my wrists will hurt until I die playing my CV version in the future.

I found a great video showing the CV version of gameplay on Youtube. If you like it be sure to subscribe to the author to give credit where credit is due!

Video of the Colecovision game.

The following was written by ChatGPT and was used because I’m not really great at expressing certain things. THIS IS THE ONLY PART that used that tool. The game consisted of the following aspects.

  1. Space Warp: Players faced individual enemy ships one-on-one.
  2. Astro Battles: Similar to Space Invaders, players had to destroy formations of enemy ships.
  3. Laser Attack: This level involved dodging and destroying enemy laser fire.
  4. Flag Ship: Players had to defeat a large enemy mothership that launched various types of attacks.
  5. Galaxians: A variant of Galaxian-style gameplay where formations of enemy ships would dive down to attack the player’s ship.

That’s all for ChatGPT. I highly recommend this game based on my childhood fun with it and the difficulty that it provides. As well as the ability to play different types of games within the overall game.

(The document was edited for grammar by Grammerly)