Cuphead the hardest platformer I’ve ever played

Cuphead what can I say about the game that hasn’t been said yet? A game looking like the late ’30s / 40’s era cartoon and sounds just as good as one comes to the PC. I’ve loved this game since I first saw the highly original style of it however the difficulty is a bit much for this older gamer. I just don’t have the reflexes anymore to really progress. I believe I’m only 10% finished with the game and the video below will show you why.

Cuphead makes a deal with the devil and I believe for you to beat this game you’ll probably have to do the same. I have picked up a wonderful coffee table art book. The Art of Cuphead. Beautifully illustrated showing everything from the development of the characters to the development of the story and all the way to great finished artwork comps and stills.

The book can be found on Amazon here.


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Just to prove how bad I am here’s a video I made of me playing this monster of a game. (Knowing I’d be watched didn’t help the situation!) The intro screen is showing with the DLC installed. Usually, it’s just Cuphead and his brother.

My horrible ability to play this game.

So in conclusion the game itself is AMAZING, along with good vintage sound. I can’t recommend the game enough. You can purchase it on Steam Here. Purchase includes both Windows and Mac versions which to me was very important. The video above was made on my PowerBook M2 and it recorded and played very well despite me not really playing but getting it handed to me!

(Edited and corrected with Grammerly, Free Version. I’m not a professional writer)