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Song of the Deep is an (I use this term because it is all the youth seem to understand today, yes I hate the term) Metroidvania game. The story revolves around a young girl named Merryn whose father has gone missing during a typical day fishing trip and her love for the sea and his stories of it fuel her drive to find him.

Merryn constructs a submersible out of materials she is able to gather from around her home. Diligently testing and re-testing this apparatus until it’s ready to go on her adventure.

The introduction movie is very well narrated and illustrated as I will show in my brief intro to the game and small play demo video. As the game progresses the story is narrated throughout. It’s as if you are playing an actual story along with a WONDERFUL musical score.

Merryn eventually discovers coins and meets a hermit crab that acts as the games store. His prices are steep and force you to think about where to get the coins/treasure to trade to upgrade your sub and eventually obtain equipment to leave your sub. Do all of your upgrades come from the Hermit Crab though…?

The video below is the official trailer for the game from Insomniac Games who developed the title.

Official Launch Trailer

Here is a video I made of the first few seconds of the story and some play through up to the meeting of a strange creature. Please enjoy!

Song of the Deep brief intro and gameplay

As you can see by the very brief intro clip the movie looks like an illustrated children’s book and adds to the beauty of the game. Combine with the natural voice of the narrator you feel you are being sucked into a novel. The music and ambient sounds are engrossing and very very well done!

The game was developed by Insomniac Games (Shown in the video above) and these screen captures are taken from their site to show some of the more advanced areas of the game.


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If you’d like to see the entire intro movie I did find a walkthrough video that is unnarrated and gives you the full feel of the intro. Clicking on the video should bring you to this person’s channel and allows you to watch the entire game played through in segments. If you are one of those that would rather watch a game than play it. If you like the video please give the author a thumbs up they did a great job with the capture. They have embed locked so I’m unable to post it on my page however the link is valid.

In conclusion, I’m very very impressed with this indie title and would advise those of you that support the indie development movement to give this older game a chance. It’s pretty cheap by today’s standards and can be found on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. The wonderful soundtrack is also available on Steam if you are into video game music or just want something to relax to.

Thanks all for reading!

Source: In-Game and Insomniac Games Web Site

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